Join us for a drink at CopenRoss Growlers

Why should you stop by our local restaurant? If you want to have a good time, CopenRoss Growlers is the place to be. We:

  • Are certified beer nerds. All of our servers are Cicerone-certified. Our trusty beer experts know about proper beer service, storage, history and food pairings.
  • Have a wide variety of thirst-quenchers. There are over 70 craft and local beers on tap and an impressive selection of wines, ciders and kombuchas.
  • Know how to bring the flavor. Grab a drink and enjoy our mouthwatering sandwiches, tapas, salads and cheese plates.

To learn more about our restaurant, drink specials or menu items, call 208-250-9678. We hope to see you soon at CopenRoss Growlers in Boise, ID.